Student Stories--In Their Voices

No better testimony than from those who have experienced Ship's English program firsthand.     

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Luke, Class on 2021

“The SU English department has not only made me a better think, a better writer, and a better analyzer, the department has made me more creative….[It’s] literally changed my perspective on the meaning of life.”


Teaching Assistant

MA in Literary Culture Studies at University of Cincinnati

"I wasn't just some student they wanted to teach; I was a person they genuinely wanted to help...The department is more like a family...If it wasn't for the professors I wouldn't be where I am today."

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Mia, MFA Graduate Student, Chatham University

"Each class provided me opportunities to improve my writing in professional and creative ways.  Thanks...for all the beautiful experiences."

Andrew, Playwriting Graduate Student at University of Glasgow, Scotland

"Teachers foster what you're interested in and help you pursue what you want to do."

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Chris, 6th Grade English Teacher, Trenton, NJ

"I cannot recommend the Ship English Department enough.  It is a uniquely engaging experience...It will make you a better you."

Heather, Librarian

"No matter where you're from or what you're doing, you will have a support system."

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Angela, Editor-in-Chief of The Reflector

"What's so great about Shippensburg English Department is how well the professors get involved with their students."

Amber, Middle School Teacher, Camp Hill, PA

"Ship English faculty is there every step of the way.  They are kind, supportive, and welcoming.  They really made the difference."

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Colin, Document Specialist at Hughes Net


"If you want to get an English degree and want to do it right, do it at Shippensburg."


Media Consultant & Project Manager, Web FX (also recently accepted into MFA program for Creative Writing)

"Because the class sizes are really small at Ship, you get the chance to develop a good relationship with your professors."

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Sara, Technical Writer at Defense Information System Technologies

"All the professors made it easy to find joy in writing.  They are great mentors."

Emily, Magazine Writer, New York City,

Poetry Graduate Student at The New School

"Ship's professors really pushed me to be the best I could be...they believed in me."